Sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. It is through these senses that we experience our world.
It is the goal of our organization to provide goods to under-privileged areas of the world  to enhance these most basic senses.

First trip to Myanmar
We visited Myanmar in March 2007. 


During our travels, we visited a school outside Yangon that served the poorest of the poor students.  The children were preschool aged and their mothers, who didn't have regular jobs, attended every day hoping to pick up some English along with their children.  Most of the women were single mothers and lived on 30 cents a day picking beans or delivering water. 


The school was started by a young Swedish man.  His father purchased the land for the school, and international donations were used to build the school and provide the small amount of school supplies.  The school was a straw hut in a grassy field with only woven mats for the floor.


The students were excited to see us immediately.  With help from our friends and family, we were able to donate school supplies, toys, balls, a Polaroid camera with film, and a small amount of money.


The Polaroid camera was a huge hit!  The women didn't have the means to take pictures of their children; they were thrilled to have pictures and saved them in plastic bags.


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