Sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. It is through these senses that we experience our world. It is the goal of our organization to provide goods to under-privileged areas of the world  to enhance these most basic senses.

Welcome to “Sense the World”.  We, Greg, Kirsten and Diarmuid, started this organization after visiting Southeast Asia and Peru and experiencing the unimaginable poverty that exists in these regions/countries. The conditions in many of the towns and villages are so bad that we began bringing huge duffel bags full of donated items to give to the local people.

The response to our donations was so great that we have decided to start our own non-profit organization that takes our idea to another level and scale of aid.  The goal of “Sense the World” is to distribute to the poorest regions of the world donated goods associated with the "senses". Please visit our Regions section to learn more about the communities we are serving. 

We have identified the most popular items, those most requested by the local people:

“Hearing” - hearing aids

“Sight” - eyeglasses

“Taste” - toothbrushes, toothpaste and vitamins

“Smell” - shampoo and soap

“Touch” - latex gloves, first aid kits and sewing kits

We plan to not only return to these places we have visited and establish long-term relationships with them, but also visit new places establishing new connections around the world.

Our primary method to disperse goods is by sending Sense the World representatives to the region and have them bring many of the goods in their luggage.  Items that cannot be brought with Sense the World volunteers may be sent via cargo, where possible.  We also plan to buy some goods locally to help the economies of these regions.  Once trustworthy relationships have been established with a community, we plan to cargo goods to the region in some subsequent years.  In regions where the postal service is not reliable, it may be necessary to always travel to the region to deliver goods.  In Myanmar we are lucky enough to have a contact with a school outside Yangon.  We are in contact with the school's director and have the ability to send money to him so that he can rebuild his school and daycare buildings and help families in the region.  We hope to return to Myanmar when the region has stabilized.

Please join us and be a part of our mission!  If you would like to be informed of our progress and future events, please fill out your contact information on our form:  Please CLICK HERE

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We have visited many communities around the World.