Cassie's Trip to Peru

I recently traveled through Central and South America, working at schools and volunteering at sustainable organic farms. When I was traveling through Peru, I met Greg Martinez; he was in Cuzco, donating valuable commodities to different schools around the area. The surrounding areas of Cuzco are extremely underprivileged and yet the people are remarkably generous. Greg donated shoes, toothpaste, pencils, books and much more to a variety of schools in need. At that time I was working at a school called Helping Hands. It is the only free school in Cuzco, where children can go without uniforms or paying for books. I volunteered there for 3 weeks and was able to bring them supplies that Sense the World had donated. 

 We were able to give every child provide toothpaste to bring home, soccer balls to play with at school, and a large amount of paper and pencils for the school to practice writing. It might sound insignificant to us but the families were very grateful. My trip was life changing. It opened my eyes to different cultures and lifestyles. I felt very fortunate for what we have in our country and yet I felt powerless to help those who really need it. When I heard about the wonderful efforts Greg and Sense the World were making it gave me hope, that with some funding we can start to make a difference in these developing nations. I hope to work with Sense the World again in a larger way.