About The Visit

With your help, Sense the World was able to send $800 to provide a Christmas celebration for three Andean communities: Poques, Sapaccto and Lemay.  This provided goods to about 450 people in these towns, which are located at approximately 16,000 feet altitude!

Our friend, Alfonso, who we met during our trip to Peru has been extremely helpful.  He and his wife, Elisabeth went shopping for the supplies then use their van to travel to the towns. 

Upon arrival, Alfonso gave a quick lesson on tooth brushing. In addition to the toothbrushes, tooth past and other Sense the World target items, sandals, and Christmas treats like toys and breads were given to the children.

Alfonso wrote to us when he returned to Cuzco:

 "We showed many of them the way of using the special shoes.  It was one very beautiful day, for moments it began to rain, but then it was sunny.  It was a day full of happy moments and satisfactions."